The last time we chatted, I mentioned that I was finding my way through a tumultuous season in my life.  I mentioned that this particular season was stretching my stress management skills to their limits.  I also reminded all of us (ok, mostly me) that the only way through is through.

Is this ringing any bells?

I am happy to report that things are on the upswing again.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Father’s Day 2021

About a week before that tumultuous season in my life began, the world was witness to the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby.  I will venture out on a limb here to say that it was one of THE most REMARKABLE Kentucky Derby races that the world has ever witnessed, as Rich Strike came from last place and 80-1 odds to win that derby race (I am getting chills just thinking about it!!).  Talk about focus, tenacity, and perseverance!!!!  I’ll talk about Rich Strike at a later time.

But long before Rich Strike, there was another horse whose focus, tenacity, and perseverance became an inspiration to the horse racing community.

Meet Patch. 

Patch is a now-8-year-old Thoroughbred who captured the hearts of America as the 3-year-old “underhorse” in the 2017 Kentucky Derby.  This picture of Patch hangs on my bulletin board across from my desk in my home office.

“Why?” you might ask? 

Let me explain.

If you’ll notice, Patch does not have his left eye.  He lost it after experiencing an eye infection (ironically, Patch already had his name before he lost his eye).  Many in the racing industry thought Patch would never race again.  Patch has proved EVERYONE wrong.  Not only did he race in the Kentucky Derby in 2017, but he also raced in the Belmont Stakes, where he came in 3rd!

By all accounts, Patch doesn’t know he only has one eye.  He doesn’t let that fact stop him or get him down.  Patch races like he has two eyes.

How about you?  Maybe your current life circumstances make you feel like you’re racing with only one eye.  Maybe one thing after another has been happening in your life and it seems like you can’t catch your breath before the next thing happens.  Maybe you’re wondering when this season will end, and your life will get back to “normal”.

Been there done that, believe me. 

Might I suggest that we all take our cue from Patch and adopt a new attitude and motto?

“Race like you have two eyes.”

Don’t pay attention to the fact that you may only be operating with one eye right now (you get the metaphor, right??).  Don’t let it stop you or get you down.  Take your inspiration from Patch.

So, what about my own “Patch season” – the one where all the hard things just seemed to keep coming at me at what seemed to be a Kentucky Derby pace? Well, I am pleased to tell you that things are beginning to smooth out here in my world.  My dad started cardiac rehab this week and is doing incredibly well.  My car is almost ready for me to pick up.  My busy travel season is over (my cat, Oliver is thrilled about THAT!).  I am moving into a new season of focus and momentum.  My heart is full of gratitude.

Father’s Day 2022, one month after Dad’s heart attack.

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