Allopathic (Western) medicine isn’t really about health care. Its focus is mainly on relieving symptoms and the treatment of disease (dis-ease) in the body. In essence, it treats the effect without identifying, treating, or removing the cause of dis-ease. Natural health is focused on getting to the root cause of a disease in the body. According to herbalist Samuel Thompson, “Remove the cause and the effect will cease.”

Dr. Oden has been a practicing natural health consultant for 20 years. She became interested in the principles of natural health after being diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis at the age of 24. The principles she learned and subsequently put into practice has helped her live a full, healthy, and productive life.

Using the principles of the Disease Tree, Dr. Oden teaches her clients how to regain their health and well-being by educating them through a natural health lens. Dr. Oden uses the healing power of nature to help her clients achieve optimum health in all areas of their lives.

Photo Credit: Steven Horne
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