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Dr. Melissa Stanford Oden’s “Women and Stress: Reclaiming Your Life” has been such an eye-opener for me! I have suffered from stress-related chronic illnesses for many years. I never fully realized the impact that stress was having on my body. Dr. Oden offers several different activities to help alleviate stress and to promote joy and peace. I’ve already begun to implement some of these and appreciate her thorough explanations for both the why and the how for them! I’m anticipating a far better balance in my life as I incorporate these disciplines.
Shelby B. Ketchen
Digital Business Manager

Dr. Melissa Oden is definitely a leader in her field. Social work is defined as a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people. I can truly tell that she’s walking in her calling effortlessly. Her students absolutely adore her. I was introduced to her by one of her students, my sister. I find Melissa has this amazing ability to empower others, and she’s always willing to help. I would recommend her to assist anyone on any project where her expertise is needed.
Sandra Walters

“I have had the honor and privilege of working with Dr. Melissa Oden for the past 15 years on a number of projects. She is a highly energetic and dedicated individual who pours her heart and soul into any project she is involved with, whether it be research oriented, teaching or leading non-profit state professional organizations. She is a rare gem among a cluster of precious stones.”
Dr. Robert Galvan
Former Professor & Texas Public Health Association Past President

“Real topics, real depth, real insight… this describes the work of Dr. Melissa Oden.  I have known Dr. Oden for a number of years and consider her an outstanding health educator, social worker, public health professional and mentor.  She is compassionate but will not shy away from the truth or the facts.  You don’t want to miss out on her offerings.”
Lisette K. Osborne, RN/BC, MSN, CHEP
Colleague and Current President, Texas Public Health Association

“Dr. Melissa Oden is such a positive influence and has an amazing ability to connect with her audience, keeping them engaged & interested. She has a wealth of knowledge and shares it openly to help improve the lives of those that are blessed enough to hear her speak.”
Jan Archer
Friend and Owner, The Sitter of Pawz, LLC

“Dr. Oden has the special gift of engaging everyone in the room when she is teaching. She uses unique methods that always involve her class or audience’s participation. I’ve never had a professor who was able to bring together such a diverse group of students and guide them to reach their goals and beyond!”
Laura Mayfield, MPH, CHES®
Former Student

“Dr. Oden is not only a dynamic, energetic, articulate presenter, she engages her audience as she creates an atmosphere that nurtures growth and positivity. Dr. Oden is in tune with her audience and ensures that they leave knowing more than they did when they came. Amazingly, Dr. Oden is able to use multiple forms of teaching styles and techniques to match the learning skills of the students she teaches. The high energy levels and true commitment to teaching combined help create a learning environment that produces results.”
Christine Boyle, LMSW
Former Student

“Dr. Oden was my professor for two courses in my Master of Public Health curriculum. Dr. Oden was exceptionally good at making challenging topics relatable and finding inventive ways to teach the course material. I also had the pleasure of seeing her active in capacities outside the classroom, and her willingness to jump on board and invest in projects to improve the world was contagious! I can say with full confidence that she will go above and beyond to ensure that her clients are satisfied. Dr. Oden is a well-rounded public health professional and an exceptional individual.”
Kimberly Morris, MPH, CPH, CHES®, CPhT
Former MPH Student

“When I met Dr. Oden I immediately thought about how fun she is! Then as my professor she would present herself in an extremely professional way, showing her true love for her students, along with how she supported and nurtured me along my journey to achieve my MSW. She showed me a different side of social work and for that I am grateful and more well-rounded in my professional life as a (social worker).”
Christa Selby, LMSW
Former Student

“Dr Melissa Oden is a true (Texas Public Health Association) TPHA leader!   She became a student member in 2003 and within a few years was an elected member of our Governing Council followed by appointment to Executive Board.  In 2016 Dr. Oden became President of TPHA and chaired our Annual Education Conference in Fort Worth, Texas in 2017. She led the effort to form the student section and continues to inspire and mentor our student members today.  Dr. Oden leads with confidence, honesty and integrity!”
Terri Pali
Executive Director, Texas Public Health Association

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